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Reading/Language Arts- Read Alouds
Math- Counting from 0-20. Please find something around the house that you have several of and practice counting. For example, hot wheels, marbles, clothespins, paper clips, etc. 
Science- Scavenger Hunt- Please go outside and see what kinds of plants, bugs, animals, rocks, flowers you can find. 
Social Studies- All About Me 
Reading- Listen to "The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School" and write
on a piece of paper what part of the book you liked and draw a picture. I have attached a photo if you are able to download it. It is posted under links.
Math- Cool Cat's Counting Board practice counting from 0-30. You can make a box for 0. I have attached a photo if you are able to download it. If not just write it on a piece of paper. 
Language Arts- Please practice writing your name. This can be done on a piece of paper or on the notepad on your ipad. 
Science-Read aloud "Social Distancing" by Mrs. Halstead. It's under videos.
Social Studies- SLANT by Mrs. Walker
Please take pictures of the activities and email or text them to me through School Status.
Social Studies- Cartoon for Kids‼️ What Mayors and Governers do? Science for Children
Dear Parents, 
Please have your children practice these sight words daily.  They must know all of them before they advance to the next set of words. You can have them make flashcards to practice.   Thank you for your help.
the, he, of, was, and, for, a, on, to, are, in, as, is, with, you, his, that, they, it, I
Math- Create a chart.  Ask your family members if they like cookies or ice cream the most.  Make a chart to show what they have answered.  

1. Tell how these rules help keep  you and others safe.


2. Why is it Important to follow safety rules?


Tues.- Aug.25
I have the word cake, which is just 1 cake. If I add an s, it makes the word cakes which are more than 1 cake. Now, you make a list of words that are singular (just 1) and plural (more than 1). ...
Reading- Read the Lion and the Mouse on Raz Kids. Please submit your illustration (drawing) of the lesson you learned from The Lion & The Mouse. Also, include your two sentences explaining what you learned. They can be on the same paper. 
Social Studies-