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Courtney Reinhardt » 2nd Day of School 14 Aug

2nd Day of School 14 Aug


By the end of the lesson today, you will be able to:

  • find events on the calendar 
  • send a message 
  • post in a Discussion Board
  • submit an Assignment 

Watch the following videos, then do the task with the green check box OfGcG48n9GYA8AhgSW9FALPUqmC6szIU0Wt0LJrT5h6eZ8Y5sEXljRwQVkvnn42EWMIxQU4AM_M_3sod1Sn3O8PXRfFwvCPLF2G6Z_K9j3GOJbPdNS47IdnNEGvBPk3Vtq5pYXBI

 Finding Events on the Calendar:


find the 100th day of school on the calendar

 Send a Message


OfGcG48n9GYA8AhgSW9FALPUqmC6szIU0Wt0LJrT5h6eZ8Y5sEXljRwQVkvnn42EWMIxQU4AM_M_3sod1Sn3O8PXRfFwvCPLF2G6Z_K9j3GOJbPdNS47IdnNEGvBPk3Vtq5pYXBISend your teacher a message with your birthday ex. Novermber 22, 1994


 Post in a Dicussion Board



OfGcG48n9GYA8AhgSW9FALPUqmC6szIU0Wt0LJrT5h6eZ8Y5sEXljRwQVkvnn42EWMIxQU4AM_M_3sod1Sn3O8PXRfFwvCPLF2G6Z_K9j3GOJbPdNS47IdnNEGvBPk3Vtq5pYXBI go to the "Back to School" Discussion Board and participate in the conversation there


Submit an Assignment


OfGcG48n9GYA8AhgSW9FALPUqmC6szIU0Wt0LJrT5h6eZ8Y5sEXljRwQVkvnn42EWMIxQU4AM_M_3sod1Sn3O8PXRfFwvCPLF2G6Z_K9j3GOJbPdNS47IdnNEGvBPk3Vtq5pYXBI Go to the assignment "Interest Inventory" and complete and submit the activity

 To login you will use your student email:

Your password is your lunch number.


For example If I were a student it would be: