Meet the Teacher!

Hey! Welcome to “Meet the Teacher!” I am Ms. Jarosek! Everyone just calls me Ms. J.

Some things about me! I graduated from Baylor University. I taught piano lessons for 10 years and have been here at La Vega for 16 years.

I love strawberries, chick-fil-a, organizing, listening to music on YouTube and playing the piano.

This year we will be learning about many different instruments, how to read rhythms and notes as well as staff lines and spaces. We will explore the types of music, their dynamics and composers.  There are some really cool music apps out there. I’ve got some to share with you that we will use on your iPad. If you have any YOU like, please let me know about them through school status! Oh, look out…you are REALLY going to like the body percussion we will be learning and doing this year… J

(Hands)clap, clap, (chest)pat, pat, pat, (fingers) snap!

See you soon!