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Socks the Sock Monkey

Socks is quite a character. He loves travel and adventure.  He was living in Snyder, Texas when Mrs. Morgan bought him at a gas station near the candy counter.  He even traveled with her to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he developed a taste for Navajo Fry Bread.   He went to Colorado, where he saw herds of moose and elk.  He even played in the mountain snow which was still on the ground!  He was suppose to ride a mule at the Grand Canyon this summer, but got left behind on the kitchen table!  He especially loves when La Vega students write about his travels and adventures with them.  He has had many adventures, and has a missing eyebrow to prove it!   Each Friday, one of you will be selected to take care of Socks for the weekend.  But be warned!   He is high maintenance.  Don't leave him at Grandma's or at the HEB!  He gets scared when he is left behind.  He was lost for a month once, but luckily turned up in someone's backpack!  When presented with Socks, you will be responsible for writing about your weekend adventures. These adventures will be shared with our class on Monday.  So enjoy Socks.  Don't let him take over your home!  He likes to do that.  Socks is so anxious to meet you!