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Stacy Martinez » Monday, August 17th Assignments

Monday, August 17th Assignments

Social Studies
Students will watch the Brainpop Jr. Video on Communities using the link below. 
Following the video, students will answer the questions on a piece of paper and share a picture to School Status when completed.

What is a community?

2. Describe a rural community.

3. Describe a suburban community.

4. Describe an urban community.



Using counters such as: beans, cotton balls, legos or even goldfish-solve the problems listed below on a piece of paper and send a picture in School Status. 




Watch the video. In the comments write the ai words together and then write the ay words together from the following list:

rain, tray, hay, sail, spray, tail, play, nail

Listen aloud to the story, CeCe Loves Science.  Write on a piece of paper what the story is about and send a picture.